Computer Lab Day Is Here: Begin with Helpful Vocabulary

Access to technology in ESL/EFL class can vary widely. When students first engage in computer-assisted language learning, you may need to provide them with the vocabulary they need to follow directions and communicate. To model the terms , you… Read More

Googling: For Adult ESL/EFL Students, It’s Not as Easy as It Looks

English language learners (ELLs) benefit from learning how to conduct an effective search in Google.  Searching for information means knowing enough English to enter the proper search terms. It can take time to learn the language of internet searches,… Read More

TEFL-nology: Online Treasure Troves for EFL Teachers

Google can show you better than I can tell you: there are countless technology resources for teachers of TEFL. Today we will explore but a few. As TEFL teachers, you are probably concerned with finding materials to (a) teach students, (b) design… Read More