How to Unlock the Mysteries of L2 Growth with Outstanding Class Conversations

I took two semesters of French. In one class, the teacher forced us to talk a lot. We spoke in pairs or small groups and performed skits. In the other class, the teacher sat in front of the… Read More

Good Advice: NPR’s Fascinating StoryCorps for Practicing Listening Skills

StoryCorps is a project that presents stories of different people in the United States. Many of the stories are fantastic for ESL because they feature authentic English and frequently come with transcripts. The language can be a little… Read More

TEFL-nology: Online Treasure Troves for EFL Teachers

Google can show you better than I can tell you: there are countless technology resources for teachers of TEFL. Today we will explore but a few. As TEFL teachers, you are probably concerned with finding materials to (a) teach students, (b) design… Read More