How English Native Speakers Do It: Having Worthwhile Conversations to Connect and Grow

When we learn the rules for polite conversations in English, those in the know tell us to avoid controversial topics: don’t talk about religion, politics, or unpleasant or sad topics. Frankly, that’s what I want to hear about. Maybe… Read More

The Tale of the Misunderstood Toolmakers

Long ago when humankind was still young, there existed four distinct communities that never visited each other’s lands. Even if they tried to visit each other, they could not, for someone even longer ago had built giant walls… Read More

How to Unlock the Mysteries of L2 Growth with Outstanding Class Conversations

I took two semesters of French. In one class, the teacher forced us to talk a lot. We spoke in pairs or small groups and performed skits. In the other class, the teacher sat in front of the… Read More