TEFL-nology: Online Treasure Troves for EFL Teachers

Google can show you better than I can tell you: there are countless technology resources for teachers of TEFL. Today we will explore but a few. As TEFL teachers, you are probably concerned with finding materials to (a) teach students, (b) design curricula, (c) create assessments, and (d) develop professionally. Below are a few links I think are particularly useful.

  1. American English
  2. Busy Teacher
  3. Teaching Channel
  4. Teach Hub
  5. TESOL Resource Center
  6. The Internet TESL Journal

If you have a favorite that I have not listed here, please send me a note through the comments form.

Internet Scavenger Hunt. Let’s explore the different links listed above via an internet scavenger hunt. Open this document in MS Word: Scavenger Hunt for TEFL-ology Day.

You will use this document to guide you through today’s lesson and to record your answers. Remember to SAVE your responses at regular intervals. when we are done, send it to yourself via email as an attachment.

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